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Pandian Journal of Mathematical Sciences (PJMS)

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About the Journal and Scope

Pandian Journal of Mathematical Sciences (PJMS) E-ISSN XXXX-XXXX is an open access journal from the patronization of Pandian Educational Trust, Virudhunagar, Tamil Nadu, India. It is published two times (July and January) in a year by the Trust. As a research journal, PJMS publishes quality based research articles, empirical study reports, case studies, short communications, modern computational mathematics, algorithms in the domain areas of Mathematics and other related fields to supplement the educational gap of the academic professionals of the Mathematics discipline. PJMS follows double-blind peer-review model to keep unbiased results in its evaluation to all received manuscripts. Its aim is to propagate academic merit and integrity and to hover as one of the best historical studies journals in the arena of Mathematical studies.

PJMS is a pioneer Gold Open Access Journal. From its inception, it contributes to make the academic content freely available via the Trust site and other scholarly harvesting databases. The journal follows The Budapest Open Access Initiative (BOAI) to ensure free availability of articles in public internet, permitting all to search, read, download, copy, distribute, print,  link the full texts of articles (PDF & other formats), indexing, data to other software, use them for lawful purposes, without financial and legal or technical barriers with proper attribution to the author. Now, the journal is published in electronic format and preserved in the trust website with permanent preservation facility and public access. It is also preserved in Internet Archive.

Author Guidelines

PJMS is an biyearly scholarly journal published in the month of July and January. The journal is pleased to accept submission of manuscripts in the field of mathematics and other related fields.

PJMS is a peer-reviewed open access journal that publishes research articles in history and related fields. It is publicly accessible via the trust Website and other partner scholarly databases.

The manuscripts ought to be original works written in English Language. The text length limit should be of minimum 1500 to 4000 words. Include the following primary information in the manuscript for submission: title, author(s) name, job title, affiliation, email id, abstract (200-300 words), and five keywords.

All manuscripts must follow the latest form of AMS Style Guide for documentation.

Authors must obtain the copyright clearance in case of utilizing any copyrighted material used in their manuscripts. The trust, publisher or journal editorial board resumes no responsibility for authors' unsolicited use of copyrighted materials in preparing their manuscripts and the consequences liable to the author.

Authors who publish with PJMS agree to the following terms: Authors retain the copyright and grant the journal non-exclusive publishing rights with the article simultaneously licensed under a Creative Commons CC-BY license that allows others to share the work with an acknowledgement of the work's authorship and initial publication in this journal. While republication, the authors should completely acknowledge the original publication of the work in PJMS.

By agreeing to the terms of PJMS, the authors agree that the journal can publish the manuscript in the journal, reproduce, distribute the manuscript in printed, electronic or in other mediums, provide access to the manuscript in electronic databases through Internet and other forms. It adopts the CC BY under Creative Commons Attributions 4.0 International license for open access attribution.

Authors receive PDF copy of the issue and a publication e-certificate.

The publishing of PJMS is sponsored by Pandian Educational Trust and does not accumulate any other charges rather than APC and adopts Gold Open Access Model. It collects 1000 INR as Article processing charges (APC) for scholarly review and technical work from the authors. However, waivers will be given to research scholars and deserving academicians of the field.

PJMS accepts manuscript submissions through the online submission system. The manuscripts should be prepared in Microsoft Word format (MS Word) or AMS-LATEX and be sent to All correspondence in regard to manuscript submission should be through the mail same mail id.

Submission Preparation Checklist

As a vital part of the submission process, the authors are insisted to check their manuscript for submission with compliance to the following items and the submissions that are not perfect as per the guidelines would be declined.

The submission must not be previously published, nor in simultaneous submission to any other journal for consideration.
The submission file is in Microsoft Word.
Parenthetical documentation, Proper Bibliographic references, URLS for the electronic references have to be provided as per AMS Style guidelines.
The text should be single-spaced: uses Times New Roman Type Face and 12 point font; use italics wherever necessary (Original Books, Journal Titles), don’t underline (except URL addresses). All types of illustrations, figures, and tables ought to be placed within the text at the appropriate points in alignment to the document, avoid giving them at the end.
The text must adhere to the stylistic and bibliographic requirements as outlined as in the Author Guidelines according to the AMS Style.

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Editorial Board


Dr P. Bharathi,, M.Phil., Ph.D.,
Trust Editor Karaikudi,
Tamil Nadu, India.
Email id:
Profile page:

Advisory Editorial Board

Dr Elayaraja Aruchunan,
Senior Lecturer, Institut Sains Matematik | Institute of Mathematical Sciences,
Fakulti Sains | Faculty of Science, University of Malaya, Malaysia.
Profile page:

Head & Assistant Professor of Mathematics,
Sri S.Ramasamy Naidu Memorial College,
Sattur, Tamil Nadu, India.
E mail:
Profile page:

Dr B. Thalmi,
Associate Professor, Department of Mathematics,
University of Kerala, Thiruvananthapuram – 34, Kerala, India
E mail:
Profile page:

Dr C. R. Parvathy,
Head & Associate Professor in Mathematics,
PSGR Krishnammal College For Women
Peelamedu, Coimbatore -  641004,
Profile page:

Dr Veena Mathad,
Associate Professor,  Department of Studies in Mathematics,
University of Mysore, Manasagangotri,
Mysuru – 570 006, India.
Profile page:

Dr M.Annalakshmi,
Assistant Professor in Mathematics,
V.H.N.S.N College,Virudhunagar,
Tamil Nadu, India.
Profile page:

Language Editor

Mr M. Vinoth Kumar,
Editor-in Chief, (Literary Druid)
Head & Assistant Professor, Department of English,
M.S.U.C College, Nagalapuram,
Thoothukudi District, Tamil Nadu, India.
Profile page

Review Members PDF

Publication Ethics and Malpractice Statement

Pandian Journal of Mathematical Sciences (PJMS) (E-ISSN: XXXX-XXXX) is an biyearly open-access and peer-reviewed journal published for educators, researchers and freelancers in the field of Mathematical studies. The journal is committed to support ethical research practices. The editors, authors, reviewers, publication staff, and the publisher abide to the guidelines as evinced by the Code of Conduct of Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) and aims to disseminate ethical Guidelines in research.

Publication Process

All submissions are viable for double-blind peer-review to two academicians’ relevant expertise. Peer reviewers will advise the editors whether the article be published or if any constructive suggestions to modify the article. In case a third reviewer may be also employed and his/her decision is final. The editor connects the author with their decision and proper modifications needed in the article for publication. Manuscripts should follow AMS style or else it will be declined. Misleading and inaccurate data, opinions, statements and plagiarism issues are the sole responsibility of the author concerned. The editorial team take no responsibility or liability under such consequences. PDF of the Issue and Publication E-Certificate will be provided.

Duties of Editors

Decision on the Publication of Articles
The editors are responsible to decide the articles to be published in the journal. The editor-in-chief is steered by the policies of the journal’s editorial board. The editor can ignore any material that did not follow the legal requirements regarding libel, copyright infringement, and plagiarism in the manuscript.

Fair Play
The manuscripts must be evaluated due to the intellectual merit without any kind of discrimination from the authors. Special issues are also handled in the identical way as regular submissions. Articles are considered and accepted only for their academic merit without any type of commercial influence.

Confidentiality to be Followed
The editors must not reveal any information about submitted manuscripts other than the corresponding author, reviewers and other editorial advisers to keep the review unbiased.

Disclosure and Conflicts of Interest
Unpublished materials of the submitted manuscripts in this journal must not be used by anyone who has access without proper written consent of the author. If a member on the editorial board or an editorial staff of the journal contributes a submitted manuscript, he/she should not perform any reviewing tasks related to the manuscript and ought to declare conflicts of interest.

Plagiarism Check
Editorial staff must check the originality and similarity of all the submitted articles by Plagiarism X for English written articles. Plagiarised Manuscripts will incur plagiarism sanctions.

Duties of Reviewers

Editorial Decision Contribution
Reviewers assist the chief editor and other editorial board members in making editorial decisions in selecting the article while peer review.

Reviewers must be prompt while the review process. If anyone feels incompetent to review or unable to provide a punctual review, he/she should inform the editor and excuse from the review process.

Confidentiality to be Followed
The manuscripts received for review must be kept confidential. Reviewers must not discuss about it except as authorized by the editors while review process. Information or scholarly ideas obtained through peer review ought to be kept confidential and not be used for personal advantage or to his/her profession.

Standards of Objectivity
Reviews should be accomplished without bias. No personal criticism on the author and should express views on the manuscript clearly with supporting arguments to modify the article.

Acknowledgement of Sources
Reviewers have the responsibility to identify pertinent published work that has not been properly cited by the authors and call the editor's attention for substantial similarity or any overlap between the reviewing manuscript and to any other published paper that contains academic personal knowledge.

Disclosure and Conflicts of Interest
Reviewers must be conscious of potential conflicts of interest. In case they have to decline reviewing manuscripts that they have conflicts of interest ensuing from monetary, competitive, collaborative, or any other relationships with the authors.

Duties of Authors
The Authors are responsible for submitting manuscripts that follow the guidelines of Pandian Journal of Mathematical Sciences (PJMS). Authors are insisted to follow the details stated below:

Originality of Articles
Articles should be original and not under the consideration of any other publication simultaneously. An author should not scrounge significantly from previous works and never submit manuscripts as essentially in more than one journal.

Data Access and Retention Policy
Authors should be ready to provide the raw data for editorial review for a reasonable time after publication.

Acknowledgement of Sources
Authors’ shall give proper acknowledgment to the work of others. They should cite publications that have major influential in the current work. Direct quotes must be suitably acknowledged and cited in the references at the end of the article under AMS style. The article should enclose adequate detail and references to permit others to find published sources. Inaccurate or Fraudulent statements constitute unethical behavior and are unacceptable in the initial selection process.

Authorship should be limited to the one who have significantly contributed for the beginning, design, finishing, or interpretation of the study. Those who have made significant secondary contributions should be listed as co-authors. If any others who have participated in some substantive aspects, they should be acknowledged or enlisted as contributors.

Corresponding Author
The authors are responsible to upload the revised manuscript within the assigned time. The corresponding author is accountable to get message from the journal for publication. The corresponding author should ensure all appropriate co-authors in the paper. The corresponding author shall ensure that all co-authors have seen and approved the final version of the research paper and have agreed to the revised submission ensuing to publication.

Acknowledgment of Funding Sources
The funding sources for the research article should be acknowledged properly at the end of the article. Authors must disclose any financial or other substantive conflicts of interest in their manuscript.

Disclosure and Conflicts of Interest
Usually, conflict of interest exists when an author’s private interests influence the research’s objectivity. It is the sole responsibility of the author to verify if any of the co-authors hold any conflict of interest and to notify the editor-in-chief in advance. All sources of funding that is likely considered to affect the interpretation of the findings should be declared in the ‘acknowledgement’ section of the manuscript.

Basic Errors in Published Works
If an author discovers significant error or inaccuracy in the published work, it is the author’s duty to notify the journal editor and assist the editor to retract or correct the paper to make it academically worthy.
Dealing with Unethical Behavior and Academic Integrity

Identification of Unethical Behavior
Misconduct and unethical behavior may be brought to the attention of the editor or publisher by anyone. The person who informs should provide sufficient information and evidence to pursue up with an investigation.

The Editorial Board of Pandian Journal of Mathematical Sciences (PJMS) will conduct a thorough case review with objectives in a professional manner to protect privacy and safety of the reporter. Evidence should be gathered and kept in a judicious manner to avoid the spread of allegations beyond those who need to know about the matter.

For minor misconduct, the journal will inform the author or reviewer where there appears to be a misunderstanding statement for acceptable standards. In case of serious misconduct, the editors will take the decision to get the article or to employ them further with consultation to a limited number of experts and board. Pandian Journal of Mathematical Sciences (PJMS) may send a formal letter to the head of the author's or reviewer's department or the funding agency if the submitted or published manuscript is overtly plagiarized or fabricated. The journal has the right to impose an embargo period for the article or to reject future manuscript submission by the same author or authors and ask compensation for it. The Pandian Journal of Mathematical Sciences (PJMS) board may report the case to a professional body or organization or higher authority to take investigation and further action to uphold academic integrity.

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