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Maheswari Publishers

Maheswari Publishers is the unit of Pandian Educational Trust to publish and print academic content (Online & Print) . It publishes three academic journals online and assist to content writing, Proofreading for projects, Dissertations, Thesis and plagiarism services. It also provides ISBN numbers, DOI numbers for Journal articles, Journal starting procedures for a minimal cost to cater quality service to the academic community. We adopt the policy of allowing our authors to deposit the versions of their work in an institutional or any other repository of their choice. it can be seen at Sherpa Romeo - Research Organization Registry ID

Ethics For Editors/ Guest Editors, Reviewers and Peer Review

Author(s) ought to best ethical practice in research Writing & publication. The Trust and Publisher suggest the major ethical concern with the relevant policy in observance with COPE’s international standards for authors, EDITORS/ GUEST EDITORS, REVIEWERS and PEER REVIEW Core practices | COPE: Committee on Publication Ethics. see this Search results | COPE: Committee on Publication Ethics Our Open Access Publishing Program aims at helping the academic community to publish their scholarly works in the form of articles, books, monographs, conference proceedings and etc. All research Books, Monographs and related book forms that are published in Open Access Policy: Pandian Educational Trust aided Maheswari Publishers are fully open access. They are immediately freely available to read, download and share under the terms of a Creative Commons license which permits to use, distribution and reproduction in any medium, providing the original work with scholarly attribution.

Our publishing type adopts Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-SA4.0) & CC BY-NC-SA for the books and CC BY 4.0 for articles. in the case of books and chapters, the open-access model will be indicated on the title verso page.

While estimating the scholarly quality of the work, we adopt Double-Blind Peer Review to give unbiased adjudication of the subject whatever the scholarly work it may be.

The instructions for authors and conference organizers are given below to follow manuscript guidelines and ethical publishing methods.

The Publication charges are also given below in detail according to the type of book.

There is no requirement for registration to access our publication and is free for academic purposes.

Abstract Book

Abstract book is a scholarly output of a conference or workshop. It may include abstracts of all accepted papers, poster presentations, oral communication, workshop, Symposium etc. Conference organizer can publish abstracts of their meetings as a monograph with proper ethical publishing methods in print and online with ISBN, E-ISBN and DOI. Abstracts will get published online from where participants can download them freely. The organizer can order hard copies of the book (print version or e-version), CD of abstracts or in Flash Drive (USB).

Maheswari Publishers invites conference organizers to submit a proposal for publishing their abstract as a book or e-book with following features:-

  • 1. Unrestricted worldwide access to abstracts

  • 2. Conference organizers hold complete editorial control

  • 3. Low publication cost of Abstract Book with ISBN & E-ISBN.

  • 4. Abstracts are not measured as pre-publication

  • 5. Author(S) are free to publish the full paper in any scholarly journal.

Conference Abstract Book

Publishing Conference abstracts with ISBN or E-ISBN with trusted publishers is very useful to keep record and global dissemination. It helps to distribute the subject matter to the participant in an efficient way. The Abstract book of the conference can contain abstracts in accord with the following abstract structure. All contents of the abstract book should be in English, Tamil and for other languages proper proofreader from the institution, association or society is needed.

Abstract Structure

Title of the title, author(s) name, affiliation(s) and keywords. The abstract should have at least 250-300 words. Author(s) must write an informative abstract focusing on the background, objective, methodology, results and conclusion. All of these should be appropriate.

Abstract Book Publishing Fee

The conference organized by an Institution, Association or academic society can publish their abstract paying a nominal fee of Rs 500 (page Limit 250) for one complete book.

How to Publish Conference Abstract Book?

The organizer of the conference should read the above information available and submit the abstract book to us. After proper review of the conference detail we shall send an official letter electronically to publish, a payment type and required instructions to the organizer. After the payment of fee, the organizer may use our name and logo in the abstract book. The organizer should collect the full content and send us in a single editable Ms Word file enclosed in a Zip File. We shall publish with ISBN and DOI as Abstract Book within 3 weeks.

Can I get hard copies of the Abstract Book?

Yes, hard copy with separate ISBN is available with print on demand by paying the additional printing cost for each copy Rs 500 (page Limit 250). Printing will require 3-week time and delivery may take 5-10 days depending on the location. Contact us for quote. Provide details about the number of pages, number of copy, book size, and postal address of the delivery location.

Conference Proceedings

A conference proceeding is a record of conference, workshop, symposium, congress or any other professional meeting sponsored by an academic or research Institution. Usually, conference proceedings include papers presented at an academic conference or workshop and the papers are varied in nature like research papers, abstracts, extended abstracts, manuscripts, presentations, etc. The publications that are filled with full-length papers are considered proceedings, or conference proceedings. Conference proceedings foster the leading edge of research; revealing the emerging trends to the academic community. Conferences and other professional meetings can impact other researchers to get involved and fulfill the direction of research at early stages.

Publishing Conference Proceedings

We publish Open Access Proceedings as an edited volume with ISSN, ISBN, E-ISBN and DOI through the Proceedings series. Our online proceedings publication method will aid in turning your conference publications into worldwide available knowledge with API. Organizers may also get the printed version of proceedings on demand (separate ISBN). To publish papers of conferences, the organizer will require paying per article Rs 500 charge. For full Single issue Rs 1000 with limited page of 200-350.

Salient features of proceedings with us includes:

  • Online Availability

  • Worldwide visibility

  • Open Access

  • Print copy on Demand

  • Value and Cost-effective

  • Short time publication (3-4 weeks)

  • Deposited in Zenodo, Figshare or CrossRef

  • Virtual Conferences Publication

Publish Research Paper of e-Conference

In view of global advancement on educational technology and the new pedagogic methods of learning, research and publishing, conference organizers have to be innovative to conduct their conferences online in virtual mode. We publish conference contents as proceedings, special issues, and abstract books for which organizers required to consent with a minimum payment regardless of the number of papers to clip online. Virtual conference organizer will require paying 100% of the expected number of papers after the final decision of the publisher over the conference contents. To publish papers of online conferences, the organizer will require paying per article Rs 500 charge. For full Single issue Rs 800 with limited page of 200-350.

Abstract Book of e-Conference

Abstracts of the virtual conference may find very useful for both organizers and participants to keep academic record and study. A charge of Rs 500 for a single full abstract book of the conference will be applicable.

Project/Dissertation/Thesis Publication

Thesis publication is essential if you wish to expand your academic or in related profession. Publishing your project/thesis/dissertation as a book monograph can be utilized as a building block to the academic career influencing your discipline and knowledge in the field. A thesis often has a minimal readership. Our publisher in print and online should attract a much larger readership to make the work renown to all. We publish academic Project/thesis/dissertation as monograph with ISBN, E-ISBN and DOI through our Thesis archives. All manuscripts will be primarily reviewed and the author ought to carry out a number of modifications as per editor’s instruction for acceptance. All Faculty members, Researchers and Scholars whose work that has already been approved or awarded from their institution been can submit their thesis to publish as a Project/thesis/dissertation monograph.

Submission Process:

It is of four steps:

Send the following details in a single MS Word/pdf file) to
If the documents are appropriate you will be informed to format the thesis as per the guidelines.
If the thesis is apt for consideration, pay the publishing fee of Rs. 1000 (Up to certain Page Limit)
Do modifications in the thesis as per instruction of the Editor.
  • We’ll give you a checklist of documents and help you get them prepared
  • We’ll introduce you to our partner banks for your Education loan if required
  • We’ll verify and validate your finances
  • We’ll apply for ISBN or valid documentation source
Before You Go

We’ll guide you through Editorial review and other requirements

Become Part of Our Global Academic Community

We will also guide you in all academic endeavours.

The publishing process may take up to 1 month or more.


The section describes related rights to the publication and distribution of Books and research articles, chapters and other forms of academic content. Authors, publishers and the readers are instructed that how to use, publish and distribute articles published by Maheswari Publishers that belong to the trust.

Protecting the author’s rights

Maheswari Publishers’ Copyright Policy aims to protect the specific way the Scholarly Content of any version. The publisher is committed to its authors to protect their work and reputation so it takes allegations of infringement, plagiarism, ethic disputes, and fraud very seriously and will follow a lawsuit in the present jurisdiction. By submitting scholarly books and works to any of our Publications, the author(s) retain following right unless otherwise stated in a proper manner: Author(s) can get full copyright ownership of their book article (some Exempted-ask publisher) and can do anything as long as the original publisher is acknowledged with apt citation and link to the source of the published record.


Retain intellectual property rights.

Author(s) can get non-exclusive right for publishing/reprint to anyone as long as original publisher is properly acknowledged with citation and link. The author can archive pre-print, post-print and published any version to any open access, institutional repository, personal website or social media with citation and link to the original publisher version. If any author becomes aware of possible plagiarism, fraud or infringement on your scholarly content, we recommend contacting the publisher.

Rights Granted to Maheswari Publishers’

Maheswari Publishers is granted the following rights for all publications:

  • Non-exclusive right to publish the article

  • To identify itself as the original publisher

  • Non-exclusive commercial right to produce hardcopy volumes

  • To sell them to libraries and individuals

  • The right to provide the Scholarly Content in all forms

  • The authority to enforce the rights in the Scholarly Content (on behalf author, against third parties in case of plagiarism or copyright infringement)

Open Access and Copyright

We adopt nonexclusive publishing and distribution rights including the right to publish the books and article (some Exempted) on online platforms by Maheswari Publishers. The author(s) agree to publish the content with Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International (CC BY-NC 4.0) license under which the readers can use and share the Content. The publisher makes the article available online with Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International (CC BY-NC4.0) end-user license that permits unrestricted use, distribution and reproduction in any medium for the non-commercial purpose with the original work properly cited. Copyright will be to the author.